Tips To Follow For A Healthy Mediterranean Diet In Spain

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The Mediterranean diet is capturing the attention of many people residing in Spain these days. It is important to know that this diet will make you live healthy, strong and fit. It is not one of those quick weight-loss scheme or fad eating plan. Are you pondering on great tips to follow for a healthy Mediterranean diet in Spain? If your quest is for improving quality of life, promoting longevity and preventing chronic disease, then this page is the right place to visit.

While at our good friends charlie and irene wedding years ago, I was delighted with a scrumptious Mediterranean dish called  “Patatas Bravas with Pimentón Sauce” which is a double fried potato in a sauce, that isn’t exactly the most healthiest food. So here are some ideas on a healthier approach to a classic Spanish diet.


1. At Every Meal Eat Lots Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables:

If you want to keep your arteries clean and healthy, then it is important to eat vegetables and fresh fruits. You can find crunchy, bright orange, leafy and dark green vegetables that can provide your body healthy balance. Ensure to buy your vegetables and fruits fresh because it is the fastest way to live healthy with the Mediterranean diet. Vegetables help to combat with primary disease phytochemicals. Vegetables also contain a gamut of myriad polyphenols. Consuming different kinds of fruits on a daily basis will help to strengthen your heart. For dinner and lunch, you can frequently eat a dark green salad. When eating, you can dress your dark green salad with fresh lemon juice or wine vinegar or additional virgin olive oil. Pre-chopped, bagged and prewashed vegetables are also great to eat. You can toss them on your sheet of tin foil with roast and additional olive oil for at least thirty minutes at 425 Fahrenheit.


2. Try To Consume Walnuts:

Since the dawn of civilization, walnuts remain an ancient food that have helped humanity. Walnuts are healthy and remain the key to the Mediterranean diet. This is because walnuts are a top source of alpha-linolenic acid. To use walnuts, you can simply store them on your kitchen counter. For your health snack, you can easily grab some walnuts and eat. You can also eat walnuts with greed salads. For a sweat taste, you can try candid walnuts mixed with a little brown sugar.


3. Always Consume EVOO:

Instead of eating fatty foods, you can simply make additional virgin olive oil the alternative option. EVOO which stands for extra virgin olive oil is often referred to as liquid gold. EVOO can help to boost the highest level of oleic acid in the body. EVOO also contains polyphenols that can reduce oxidative stress and sooth inflammation. With extra virgin olive oil, you body will be able to secret more vitamin E.

4. Eat Fish Or Plant Protein:

Lentils remain a great source of plant proteins. It contains special ingredients in the likes of iron, minerals, vitamins, plant proteins, antioxidants and fiber. The truth is that you can buy lentils for just some couple of dollars and fix your health problems in an ephemeral of time. If your quest is for longevity, then eating lentils may just be the solution. When preparing your food, you can make use of tuna or salmon in the grilled form. You can also dress your food with fresh lemon for more taste.

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