Check Out These Attractions As An Adventurous Tourist In Spain

From Barcelona to Madrid and all across the entire country, Spain is full of places to explore

You might know a few things about the culture and tourism there, but you’re about to learn a whole lot more.

As you do know, Spain has a rich history of world exploration in past centuries. There is also rich history found in its landmarks, architecture and all kinds of other attractions. Check out these places to visit while you’re traveling abroad in Spain.

The top attraction in the entire country is found in Barcelona, and it’s a church. It’s called the Basilica of the Sagrada Family. It is huge, ornate and gorgeous, one of the best examples of historical architecture I’ve seen in a photograph. Can you imagine seeing it in person? There are plenty of other great examples of architecture, too.

The next top attraction is, in fact, another church or cathedral. It’s the Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba, and Cordoba is where it’s located. Then there is the Plaza de Espana in Seville and Prado National Museum.

One reviewer talks about there being certain times when the Prado National Museum offers free admission. When attractions are free on vacation, that means you get to see more.

Take a look at images for the Casa Batllo

It’s different, and one reviewer puts it quite well when he or she says it’s a colorful and unique building. Other words and keyword phrases associated with this building include ‘fairy tale’ and ‘augmented reality.’ It’s interesting to look at, so this might be one of those unique attractions that you have to make sure you visit while in Spain.

Do You Like Gothic Architecture?

The Gothic Quarter is said to be a little off the main roads but worth a visit. It’s amazing how many great examples of architecture are still standing in Spain from years and years ago. Then you run across attractions like Loro Parque, which is like Sea World in the US. Siam Park is another cool place, and it features huge water slides. This should be a fun place for a family outing.

You don’t just want to explore the history and culture of Spain but also find out what people do for fun there. The history, culture, and landmark attractions are fun, too, but those amusement parks and shows can certainly be a part of your adventure in Spain.

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